ConcertVideo411.com was created to present useful information about live concert video production (or just live event production in general).  The primary focus is on low-to-moderate budget approaches that produce high quality results for people who are serious about trying to produce a live concert or event.

ConcertVideo411.com offers a series of articles covering major elements involved in producing a quality live concert video.  Hopefully, reading these articles might shorten your learning curve or generate even better strategies to produce high quality concert videos.

Some currently posted articles (and those that are planned) are shown below. 

Currently Posted:

Other articles coming soon:

  • Video Capture and Camera Use – Framing the Shots and Just What to Capture
  • Coordinating and Synchronizing Video from Multiple Cameras
  • Types of Cameras Available – Pros and Cons
  • The Importance of High Quality Audio – How to Capture High Quality Audio
  • Multiple Camera Video Editing
  • Editing System Options
  • DVD Replication and Duplication
  • DVD Authoring
  • Distribution and Marketing Options

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