Background: A Simple Approach to Concert Video Production

Introduction: Simple and Low Cost Production IS Possible!

It is possible to produce a high quality live concert video (or other type of live event video) on a very reasonable budget using some very simple approaches. Obviously, the more money available, the more options available, but it is possible to accomplish quite a bit on a limited budget using simple strategies.

The specific project goals will certainly influence the approach and equipment required, but the technologies and tools are available to produce outstanding results using a very simple approach. The result can be something used for promotional purposes or to sell as a commercial product that is distributed professionally (in record stores, etc.).

The Problem with Traditional Concert Video Production

Several years ago, I was discussing live concert video production with a friend. We agreed that many concert DVDs seemed “over produced” – containing too many (or poorly timed) edits, too many fancy effects, or a range of other negative production elements.  Often, it seemed as though the productions were made to please the video editor or producer – and not for the viewer or fan of the music/artist.  Many videos didn’t really focus on the music or on the artist – they were often more focused on making it a “cool production.”

We wanted to watch and produce concert videos that could highlight the music and even magnify the musical experience – above and beyond what you might see if you were actually at the concert.

Creating a Better Live Concert Video Experience

So, we set out to try and produce better concert videos – that matched what we wanted to see.  Of course, while we had become experts at watching and criticizing concert videos, we did not have a lot of experience with video production or with the equipment needed to produce a good quality video.  But, that did not stop us (and it should not stop you either)! To experiment and learn, we started using just simple handheld consumer level cameras to capture multiple angles of a show and then edited the captured content into an integrated show using simple desktop editing systems. As we gained more experience and knowledge of available cameras, tools, and strategies, we improved our approaches and style and improved the quality of our productions. In a very short amount of time, we were producing multi-camera live productions for several internationally known bands and other commercial organizations. was created to communicate what we’ve learned about concert video production over the years – including the equipment used, the strategies applied to capture content, and even how to edit, package, and distribute/market the result.  The focus is really on low-to-moderate budget approaches that can still produce high quality results and serve as effective strategies for people who are serious about trying to produce a live concert (or other type of performance).

Some of the articles currently posted (and those that are planned) are shown below.  This list will grow as more articles are added and Members contribute their own experiences and recommendations.

Currently Posted:

Other articles coming soon:

  • Video Capture and Camera Use – Framing the Shots and Just What to Capture
  • Coordinating and Synchronizing Video from Multiple Cameras
  • Types of Cameras Available – Pros and Cons
  • The Importance of High Quality Audio – How to Capture High Quality Audio
  • Multiple Camera Video Editing
  • Editing System Options
  • DVD Replication and Duplication
  • DVD Authoring
  • Distribution and Marketing Options

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